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booking in SF??

hello, i am desperatlly looking for a venue to host a show in San Francisco for the last week of august, i will be touring with Julien Ottavi (sigma editions) from Nantes, France
and terrorstate from New Mexico. we would like to perform in SF on one of the following dates, august 24/25/26. normally i would see about 7hz/23five setting up the show but they will be away in china performing during that time, so any suggestions/venues would be greatly appreciated. our bios are below,,, 
current location:los angeles
po.box 292045 los angeles, ca 90029


Sound sculptor
Voice laptop  Percussions & eletronics
12, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 44000 Nantes - France
Tél :  +(33)2 40 69 00 60
Email : apo33@xxxxxxx

Julien Ottavi is a Nantes based artist/composer. He studied sound and photography at the art school of Nantes and has pursued studies in percussion. He is the founder of Apo33; a non-profit organization based in Nantes which organizes concerts, research projects and audio releases.

Since 1997 Ottavi has developed compositions of the human voice processed and transformed on computers. Ottavi's research has been based on the sound poetry of artists such as Henri Chopin, Bernard Heiseick, Kurt Schwittlers, Jaap Blonk etc. Ottavi also cites as influences the contemporary composers Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Morton Feldman and Giacinto Scelsi, composers from the tradition of musique concrete; Pierre Henry, Michel Chion, Luc Ferrari and also musicians/composers of 'noise' music such as Merzbow, Zbigniew Karkowski, Bernhard Gunter and Francisco Lopez.

Ottavi's research consists of two parts; the studio production of vocal pieces based on Michel Chion's idea of the "art of fixed sound" in which the voice is considered as a musical object that can be dematerialized and thus removed from its normal role of communicating meaning. The second aspect of Ottavi's research revolves around the live concert. With what Ottavi calls the "voice computer" works with a more spontaneous and improvised quality are created by utilizing real time processing.

Ottavi is also involved in a number of projects involving collective improvisation. He founded the improvised music collective Ocephale, collaborating with Erik M, Urs Leimgruber, Domenico Scianjo, Xavier Charles and Jerome Noetinger on a "new kind of orchestral music." In March 2000 the group performed 'Phasme' in which the musicians were isolated in different rooms as their sounds were mixed together by the French electo-acoustic composer Huges Germain and accompanied by the real time video processing of Videoz'art. Ottavi also performs with [N:Q], whose other members include Jean Chevalier, Christophe Harvard and Keith Rowe. The groups debut CD was released on Fibrr Records in October 2000. Ottavi and Christophe Harvard are frequent collaborators. Contraction in Situ is their duo in which saxophones and voices are combined with sounds produced by objects found in the performance space. In Contraction On/Off they perform as a laptop duo and Formanex is their electro-acoustic quartet (also including Manu Leduc and Anthony Taillard) for the performance of 20th and 21st Century graphic scores by composers such as Cornelius Cardew, John Cage, Christian Wolf, Morton Feldman and Earle Brown.

Currently Ottavi is working on a series of solo works titled 'Nervure Magnetique' (forthcoming on Sigma Editions), 'series du bruit blanc et rose' and 'etudesauxhertz' as well as collaborating with Jerome Joy and Yannick Dauby as Pizmo


Minimal Composer 
laptop field recordings & minimal electronics
po.box 292045 Los Angeles, CA 90026 USA
Tél :  (213) 481-8243
Email : jfrede@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  

      j.frede is an experimental music composer who also works as a sound developer for Sonic Foundry. The audio work of j.frede ranges from electroacoustic atmospheres to microsound subtleties, ambient soundscapes to music concret, live performances to audio installations. j.frede's work has been presented at such notable locations as the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, the Fisk Planetarium, and Thunder Basin. 

Originating from New Mexico (usa), j.frede has been working in the field of experimental audio and sound design for over seven years. Frede has been working for the last four years in Denver, CO and is now living in Los Angeles. j.frede is currently working with field recordings of both natural and urban environments, sine wave frequencies, and digital compositions built using acoustic sounds. Frede's live performance can vary depending on each event and the acoustic space it is presented in.

Aside from his work in audio, j.frede has also been the curator for a large number of events, featuring artists from the United States and abroad. Some of the larger events include the Denver Atonal Festival, which ran for a total of five years, the audio portion of the Telluride International Experimental Cinema Exposition, several audio exhibitions for the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. j.frede also founded the Ritual Document Release label, which at this time has 24 release's out. 

j.frede is currently collaborating with Spanish music concret artist, Francisco Lopez on a cd that will be released later this year. Another collaboration with post digital composer, Kim Cascone will also be released in 2002 as a split 7". 

Frede recently collaborated with other Ritual Document artists on the soundtrack for the feature length experimental film "Slowspace" by german filmmaker Klaus Eisnlohr. The film is based on glass architecture and public space. Slowspace will be featured at film festivals throughout Europe and the United States in 2002.

The installation work of j.frede is designed to create subtle listening environments in galleries and performance spaces. Each installation follows a conceptual basis and is achieved using multiple cd players, 1" to 3" speakers, and compositions specific to the installation. The most recent installations have been the Urban Ambience Relocation Project that was featured at the Trust:Assemble festival in "Thunder Basin" Wyoming and the "12note composition for sines" featured at the Visuals Soundings series at the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver. Larger scale installations have been planned, such as "50 Voices" which will require 50 speakers, 25 cd players and a walk through hallway. 

In January 2002 Frede was one invited to take part in Rhizome.LA panel discussion on microsound, glitch and post digital music. The other artists on the panel included Kim Cascone, Steve Roden, David Cotner, Sutehk, and Matt Bonal. The event received the pick of the week from the LA Weekly.

Frede has performed at a number of notable festivals and venues including The Emerging Artists Performance Festival (bmoca), The [mnml] Series (mca/d), The F.A. Festival (finland), Music For a New Mess (7hz/S.F.), The Denver Atonal Festival, The Telluride International Experimental Cinema Exposition (telluride,CO), Open Late Series (mca/d), Trust:assemble (WY), Visual Soundings Series (mca/d), Datatransfer Festival (prague) Rhizome.LA, Sonique Series (CH), Bip Hop Generation #14 (FR), Link (Italy). Other artists j.frede has performed with include Kim Cascone, Scanner, E.A.R., Scott Arford, R.H.YAU, Scot Jenirik, Janek Schaeffer & Jason Kahn.


experimental composer
sampling synthesis & media manipulations
Email : terrorstate@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Terrorstate is the ambient exp. project of New Mexico based artist Chris Aka. Chris Aka has been playing his brand of drone based noise for over 5 years releasing several tapes, cd's, minidisks, and several collaborations all in hand made special packaging. Before Terrorstate Chris had several releases under the title Internal Iliac. Together with fellow Ritual Document label mates M.Bonal, Inerex, and J.Frede, Terrorstate has played over 40 live shows with 2 west coast tours the Telluride Exp Film Festival, Boulder Museum of Contemporary arts, and the Denver Atonal Festival to name a few. All of his sound collages are fueled by a direct sense of purpose no 2 shows are ever the same all are constructed specifically for the venue and the audience. These 15 minute to 2 hour sound pieces have been based around ideas ranging from Rape, Vegetarianism, Murder, the Taliban, the Koran, war in yugoslavia, the isreal palestinian conflict, Christian television, space travel and so on.

Currently Chris is working on several projects one with M.Bonal under the name Sons of the Wolf the premier album will be a collaborative 3cd box set. The experimental 16mm film Chicago Skylights by German director Klaus Eisenlohr with soundtrack composed by Terorstate, J.Frede, M.Bonal, and Inerex will be out this fall. The B52's tribute double cd on Nihilist Records has just been released with a dark "Planet Claire" cover track by Terrorstate. Look forward to both a Terrorstate and Sons of the Wolf full length cd release before the end of the year on Ritual Document Release.