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Re: [microsound] Call for works - c e n t i b e l

on 8/5/02 11:37 AM, ph_L th0m50n at hellomynameisphil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Audio works will most likely be presented in Ogg Vorbis format, an
> open-source audio compression algorithim similar to mp3.

  I don't know how many of you have experimented or utilized the ogg vorbis
format( actually , I live in seattle and know practically everything that
matters , a few of you I'm not sure if it was really delving into the format
or just idly passing the time).

 Anyway , I've found there are problems playing the files with quicktime ,
especially qt6. Now , my browser insists on dealing with the files with the
qt plug in.

 I've found the ogg format works really well for some of this delicate , hi
bandwidth electronic sounding material , especially those pieces where a
certain sound pressure or hardness is desirable, the attributes of the sound
that are often lost or mollified in other compression formats . From my
brief listenings to mp4AAC , it seems to work best with more produced (
meaning balance , panning perspectives, dynamic range control) pop, jazz ,
classical material, though it might work well with most electronic music . -
thing is I'd like to have a choice w/o having to use stuffit expander with
soundfiles to avoid the risk of corruption by people's browser defaults.

 I am including a link where one could ( gently , politely) write to apple
computer and request that they include ogg vorbis capabilities in qt. Maybe
they'll get coding if a few people are interested.



               thanks for the attention