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Re: articles on minimalism

> From: "Patrick Murphy" <PDM2318@xxxxxxxxx>
> I am currently doing research for an article on
> minimalism (in music,
> poetry, aesthetics, etc.)  What are some of the
> "essential" writings in
> this area??

I am currently reading and enjoying a fine overview of
the movement/impulse which gives about equal time to
visual arts (esp. painting and sculpture) and music. 
The book is MINIMALISM:ORIGINS, and the author is
Edward Strickland, whose background and writing
actually centers more on music.  This a refreshing
change, and though I get the feeling like the author
has a snidely dismissive attitude about what he
conceives as "postmodernism", the book still seems
fascinating and informative, three-quarters of the way


np: Francois Dhomont, LES DERIVES DU SIGNE

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