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Re: [microsound] OT : where is the cheapest place to buy a vcr in new york city?

> there's a white van with some spray paint and a sticker on it that says
> "frank's cleaners" which is parked in an alley between west 23rd and west
> 24th, just east of 5th ave. walk past it once, bend down to tie your shoe
> that you are visible from the van, and then wait at the corner for 1
> then walk back and go down the alley towards the van. raise your right
> as you're walking towards it and when you're 4 feet away from the van, do
> 180 so that you're facing west 23rd. now give an italian salute to the
> alleyway entrance and hold it for 5 seconds while yelling vaffanculo!!.
> back doors of the van will pop open and you will find many cheap vcr's and
> other household goods.

LOL.  Oh man i didnt really read this the first time around.  Second time
around i spewed sprit all over my keyboard, you owe me a new one;)