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Re: [microsound] Derrida rock & roll


no, it's in the film. it's pretty unconstructive going by my very sketchy paraphrasing of what this guy is saying (can you remember any long speeches in, say, braveheart word-for-word after only one viewing?)... so i'm not going to try and say very much, but suffice to say i was probably wrong (and hurried) to say 'self-awareness' - it was very convincing the way derrida said it. think about it, though. when you are improvising, how can you possibly do anything that is completely random, and in that sense how can you say that you did it? seemingly random or unpreceded acts are still the product of decisions to act. anyway, i'm doing horribly at explaining anything. watch the film.

enjoy your evening,

pelagius wrote:
>Isn't losing self-awareness the goal of many improvisors anyway? How does it follow that >improvisation isn't possible in any "real" way?

....and, Emily wrote:
Are you thinking of "Choreographies"? The interview with Derrida about dance/chance...

I wrote:
anyway, derrida's points about improvisation roughly follow the line that it is hardly possible in any real way - improvisation always draws on a pre-existing schema or method, and in order to truly improvise, one would have to be not-of-oneself during that time, to lose self-awareness. which, he hastens to add, does not equate to derrida being opposed to improvisation. rather, he's quite for it.