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Re: [microsound] Wynona Derrida

At 6:52 PM +1000 8/20/02, cray wrote:
Its great this talk of Derrida . I wanted something to take with me to
Singapore and bought what I thought would be a great intro to the man and
his thoughts...
I picked up Deconstrustion Engaged, published in Australia it is Seminars in
Sydney and Melbourne from '99....its a start :-)
any other recomendations?

The essay "Tympan" at the start of "Margins of Philosophy" was my initiation and provides a compact appetizer of the Derridean method. Given that it includes the ear in its figuration, a connection is even made to sound. I recall that a favorite philosophy professor of mine had noted somewhat parenthetically that he found it difficult to trust Derrida given the latter's views on music, although I never managed to identify the troublesome references.
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