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Re: [microsound] portable hdd recorders

it was me mentioning the archos. after 6 months i have no real complaints on it and would buy it again definitely. it records mp3's at variable bitrates only, the quality can be scaled from one to seven. seven as the best quality results in a vbr of approx. 260 bit, which should be satisfying even for finest ears. the only thing i heard on the nomad jukebox was, that it's format is in any way proprietary and cannot be edited by other programs than the bundled ones. this would make it a toy only, check this.


brett lockspeiser wrote

i remember someone mentioning on this list a while back about the archos
20gig mp3 recorder - i've been considering buying a portable hdd recorder
for field recordings for use while traveling and was wondering if anyone
has had any experience with either the archos or the new nomad jukebox -
each one seems to have it's perks - the nomad can record in wav, while the
archos only in mp3, but the archos can also function as a usb hardisk and
is mac compatible, and cheaper.

any general opinions about recording to mp3? what kinds of sounds does the
codec not encode well? and how bad is the quality loss is those


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