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free to disagree

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> i was glad to see that post... to know i wasn't the only one tired of
> depeting posts on that thread that had long ago left microsound & related
> topics behind & devolved to... psuedo-intellectual crap...
> & due to the extent this list has left relevant topics behind at great
> length, i am strongly considering unsubscribing... i wish some of you would
> take it offline beyond the intial 4-5 posts...
> reminds me of arguing about how many angels would fit on the head of a
> pin...
> sorry for contributing further to this thread, but kim... i strongly
> disagree...

I'm not sure what you are referring to since the purpose of this list was
clearly outlined in the charter/mission statement that was sent to you via
email when you sub'd to this list...
you are free to disagree with me and the other list-founders...that's what
makes for an interesting list!