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Re: [microsound] wobbly (.shn files)

> .shn is in fact one of the most impressing stuff I've experienced last week.
> It compress .wav files on about 50% of it's size which was helping me to
> transfer 600 MB at the size of only about 300.

"one of" I guess is the operating phrase.

so why this one over .ape, .zap, .flac ?  and the 10 or so more no-loss
formats out there? 

So whats the deal?
>Shorten is currently the standard lossless compression method used in
trading communities 
Then why all these confusing formats or are they all pretty much the
same just confusingly incompatible?

 mentioned in the post at least acknowleges there are more at the bottom
but the sites that get small links there that try to compare em all seem
unable to keep up with all of them.

 I didn't see much about 24bit or higher, I'd think that would be a big
factor if its some kind of transfer, temporary archive or extra high
quality format.