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RE: [microsound] all music guide

Has anyone heard anything about the All Music Guide going down? I
thought it was just a fluke last night when I got a "host not found."

	lots of traffic as of late. really unusual. and we just bought a slew of
new equipment to expand with too!

But it's still not coming up; or any of the other "All" guides (All
Movie Guide, All Game Guide).

	hmmm. it's working fine here. write me offlist in a few minutes if you're
still having problems.

They may have plenty of gaps in their
experimental electronic coverage,

	okay in defense of AMG, yes we are lacking but getting better as i've
gotten here about 18 months ago.
	if any of you on the list, and i mean any and all labels, could supply me
with information/promos i'll be glad
	to get the information/review on to the site from either myself or a writer
who has a clue. i made a promise to myself 	in 2003 i'd come out from behind
the scenes (i do database work) and get more coverage for the music i love.
there's 	another guy on the list who works for AMG, but he doesn't do
reviews. i don't know why i'm sharing this.

	so in conclusion...

	LABELS: contact me offlist if you are interested in helping out. send me
your tired, your poor, your bios, your 	promos....

but they are definitely the best
general music site.

	why thank you. we DO try....

And actually, they often surprised me with their
coverage. Hope they're not gone.

	nope. we're still here. or at least i am. until i get this bloody program
to work.