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Re: [microsound] re: mamporrero?

now we have here the mother of all mamporreros...if she wasn't so dumb, she=
 should know that an opinion against the mainstream is just that: an opinio=
n. the stupid religious metaphors and the poor sarcasm serve no purpose at =
all except to reveal a self-indulgent personality. (apuesto q te corriste m=
ientras escrib=C3=ADas esas l=C3=ADneas)


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I understand your missionary urge to clean the list of the perversions of t=
he intelect and lead us to the right path toward enlightment. We were poor =
souls waiting for your sacred finger to point our master faults and unchain=
 us from blind submission.

I deeply thank you for this, but now there isnt any other microsound list w=
aiting to be released by you?

An humble insignificant being.

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