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Microbio News (Jan.2003)

Hi all....

This is our first release this year... but it was supposed to be the
3rd; we have to thank all the couper and mafias from our country for
keeping us out of gas for more that 2 months.  So, we couldn't work on
the production of "The Mercenary Housekeepers" video clip, but thanks
to the Venezuelan TV  stations we got for free some of the footage
widely played in the international media... also the rakumin ep and
video are delayed by the gas shortage.

Mr. Rakumin needs gasoline in his brain to work, however, we can be
happy because microbio artist  Mr. Yopo Man  is  still working. He
doesn't use gasoline to survive; he only needs yopo and some casabe to
be ok.

In short,  Microbio#6:  Yopo Man =95 Ya'No'Ma'Mo'Ma Online Ep has been


We also have a new gallery artist: Mr. Comandante OSO... don't forget
to check out his pictures.


Happy new year and don't believe all what the tv says to you.

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_.info: microbio@xxxxxxxxxxx