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[homemade avantgarde]nl.2

_homemade avantgarde nl2_
  +new site finally on line
+first submission for the legendary mp3 compilation, below the people=
_mouse and sequencers
_strotter inst
_tottemo godzilla riders
_luca sigurt=E0
_enrico gleran
everyone of them choosed a figurative artcraft and realized his soundscape.
all the tracks and the complete artwork will be freely downloadable  @=20
homemade avantgarde.
for those who don't want to download it and prefere a solid cd.r a b+p=20
service will be available.
spread the word!

+still available the new _dll's mp3EP, the link is at the bottom of the=20
homemade avantgarde webpage.

bye bye



cd.r serie:
[har-001] j o h n   d e e r e - s/t (5 inches)
[har-002] j o h n   d e e r e - 2 (5 inches)
[har-003] j o h n   d e e r e - !! (5 inches)
[har-004] d l l _3 inches EP

1 inch =3D 1 euro

[har.mp3.001] d l l - i'm not so contrary,mary