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experimental mixtapes available

Hello folks.

Over the years, I (under the pseudonym DJ Daht) have
created dozens of mix tapes which range widely in
material and approach.  Regretably, there are no track
listings as I simply made these "in the moment". 
However, I did this with a spirit of respect and love
for the original source material, while also valuing
the happy occurences of synergy that one attempts to
foster when working in the mixtape format.  The
equipment used to put these together includes a tape
recorder, one record player, two cd players, an
equalizer, a rather modest mixer, and an occasional
even more modest Gemini DJ sampler.  So I wasnt
working with much, but I am quite happy with the
results.  I have selected the best picks of the bunch,
and offer copies of them up for public
inspection/consumption, if anyone out there is
interested.  To cover costs, each tape is $3 including
shipping in the USA or $5 including shipping
worldwide. So if you are interested in hearing some
unfamiliar music or familiar music used in unfamiliar
ways, then check out these mixtapes.  The link for
further info on them and how to aquire them is:


thanks for your time-

Thad Biggerstaff  ~ReSource~  daht73@xxxxxxxxx

"Not to forget, I 'museumize' myself; so that then I pay myself a visit and find me again in all the relics, to hand down memories from one to the other, like a genealogical tree, as if it were morning!" - Massimo Toniutti

"Everything is a sign of something greater than itself." - a friend

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