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RICHARD CHARTIER "what is he doing?" update : AUGUST 2003

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hello to all of you,
this is the August installment of the RICHARD CHARTIER update....
summer is sweltering here..... when will it be over?!?!



SUMMER SALE .  purchase both the Other Materials + 
Direct.Incidental.Consquential  together through the online paypal 
shop for $20 ($ 24 for outside the US) including shipping. limited 
time only...  http://www.3particles.com/paypal    ALSO: ONLY 2 FINAL 
COPIES OF "3_COMPONENTS" remain... limited edition of 60 signed and 
numbered copies. available through http://www.3particles.com/paypal 
i also have one copy each of INFLATION compilation 2CD (MU-label 
Japan) and one copy of the 2000 Computer Music Journal compilation CD 
that was a supplement to kim cascone's article "The Aesthetics of 
=46ailure" (contact me directly about these single copies)

CD . tentatively titled The Garden of Brokenness [ Spekk, Japan ] 
William Basinski + Richard Chartier.  This cd will be coming out in 
early December.

CD . Chessmachine [ TBA ]  Ivan Pavlov + Richard Chartier. This cd 
has now been basically completed and we are going to be in the 
mastering process soon. This project will include highly stylized, 
rather conceptual live performances in keeping with the theme and we 
are discussing with tina frank (mego) collaboration on visual 
elements. Definitely a departure from our solo works.

CD . Two Point Two   [ 12k/LINE, US ] October 2003  http://www.12k.com
Taylor  and I have assembled the double CD compilation showcasing new 
exclusive works by various artists as a follow-up to 2001's "Between 
Two Points" (12k1012/LINE_004). The LINE cd is now completed and 
features works by ae lab, steve roden, asmus tietchens/david lee 
myers,  steinbruchel,  vend, richard chartier, thom kubli, 
skoltz_kolgen, william basinski, coh. it is a very interesting array 
of works and presents new directions for LINE as we proceed into our 
4th year.

CD . Kim Cascone has curated a compilation cd that will accompany 
Computer Music Journal for later this year. The cd will feature an 
unreleased 0/r (my collaborative project with Nosei Sakata/*0) track 

CD . Archival_1991  [ TBA ]  This new 45 minute work was created 
utilizing two reprocessed analog recordings of mine from 1991 and 
stays true to the aesthetic of my work during that period. still 
shopping around for a label to release it..... stay tuned

CD .  in May 2004 a solo cd will be released on Bernhard G=FCnter's 
label Trente Oiseaux (Germany). This will most likely be a recording 
of one of my live performances in 2003, which will be nice since i do 
not perform that often.... this would give many people the 
opportunity to hear what i do live.. and how it differs in ways with 
my studio work.

EXHIBIT . The Moderns @ Castello di Rivoli [ Torino, Italy ] April 16-August=
correction: catalogue for the show is available through Skira 
publishing http://www.skira.net

EXHIBIT / BOOK / CD / LIVE .  Sounding Spaces - 9 sound installations 
@ NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] [ Tokyo, Japan ] July 10-Sept 
28 http://www.ntticc.or.jp
the show contains the new sound piece "Specification.Twelve" which is 
a collaborative work with Taylor Deupree.  We performed a live 
collaborative set as well for the opening day. this performance was 
recorded and we hope to release this and possibly a surround sound 
audio dvd of the sound piece at some point in the future. A full 
catalogue is available for the show along with a CD with the 
exclusive track "Specification.Eleven". Other artists also included 
in the exhibit Alvin Lucier, Christina Kubisch, David Cunningham, 
Kubota Akhiro, Rafael Toral, Edwin Van Der Heide, Alejandro & Aeron, 
i have only 3 copies of this book for sale.... please contact me if 
you are interested in purchasing one... it is only available 
otherwise at the ICC in japan.

EXHIBIT/FESTIVAL . Two Locations  at FILE 2003 [ San Paulo, Brazil ] 
opens august 16.
Two Locations has been selected to be featured in the programming of 
=46ILE- electronic language international festival will be launching 
its fourth edition in 2003 and the second edition of FILE Symposium; 
in 2003, the great innovation will be the electronic sonority event 
called FILE Hipers=F4nica. 

ARTICLE . Baltimore City Paper 
please do not laugh at the picture with me and my laptop... not my 
choice.... looks like i am serving up "today's special"  haha

PAINTING .  one of my paintings will be used on the cover/interior of 
the upcoming Taylor Deupree/Willits live CD on Audiosphere.

LIVE .  @ Sightsonic [York, UK ] Oct 16-19, 2003  http://www.sightsonic.com

LIVE . @ Dublin Electronic Arts Festival [ Dublin, Ireland ] Oct 23 

LIVE . @ Observatori Festival [ Valencia, Spain ] Oct 30-Nov 2 

BOOK .  "CD-Art" published by Rotovision, UK . out Fall 2003 
http://www.rotovision.com  This book will contain my design work for 
the lowercase compilation and the two Bernhard Gunter cds on LINE.

BOOK .  "Brooklyn: Design in the Borough" published by Booth-Clibborn 
Publishers . out Fall 2003 ? This book is to contain design work by 
taylor deupree for 12k including the collaborative some collaborative 
designs between taylor and i .

OTHER PROJECTS IN THE WORKS . working on a piece for "1.8" a lock 
groove compilation with artists Tim Hecker,*0, Duul_Drv, Taylor 
Deupree, Kim Cascone, 3x3is9, Roel Meelkop / working on a remix for 
"00:dedaih"  CDROM (other remixers: steinbr=FCchel, stephan mathieu, 
frank bretschneider) for release on Synchron, Switzerland.