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Re: [microsound] [OT] PhotoShop RGB->CMYK

that conversion is dependent on many things, and has many variables 
all which can be controlled from within PShop using conversion 
curves, or ICC profiles. it really depends what you are tying to 
accomplish. CMYK for what press? Web? Offset? What kind of paper? If 
your conversion is leaving the colors looking muddy on screen... it 
is likely that the original image in RGB contains colors out of 
gamut... meaning they can never be printed at all in a CMYK 
colorspace... there are techniques for "rescuing" certain things... 
(using LAB color space for instance) but without knowing the 
details... no one can really help you. there is no "formula" for 
getting it right in every instance for any image for all conditions. 
to it's credit PShop has an incredibly powerful set of tools for 
making those conversions possible... in the hands of a knowledgable 

>does anyone know of a PS plug that coverts RGB->CMYK i.e., a better
>algorithm for RGB->CMYK conversion than what is used in PS?
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