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Re: [microsound] monohm | weblabel


i listened "Frayed", that's lovely!

keep up the great work!

good luck!


  Andrea Gabriele
  Via S.Bernardo III, 13
  65013 Città Sant'Angelo, Pescara, italy
  (+39)339 85 56 903  -  (+39)085 96 99 105
  andrea@xxxxxxxxxxxx  -  www.mou-lips.com
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From: "monohm" <monohm@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <microsound@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 9:20 PM
Subject: [microsound] monohm | weblabel

announcing the arrival of a new net-based label - established to publish
works by vienna based audio/visual artist monohm - and related projects.

the first two releases are available online in the form of 160kbps mp3

rather than classify the musical content of our releases with genres,
comparisons and references, a descriptor included in every release contains
keywords relating to the sound and structure of the music.


monohm001 | monohm | neon ep

descriptor | minimal | textures | drones | rhythms

monohm002 | markus brösel | ember ep

descriptor | piano | minimal | drones

monohm was recently featured on the Klanggalerie/Syntactic 10 year
compilation CD with a reworking of a Pablo's Eye track.

2 new pieces have been recorded for a 7" single to be released on
Klanggalerie sometime this autumn.

thank you for your attention.

| www.monohm.com |


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