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Re: [microsound] A simple question-

> >Does god listen our electronic music
> >and laught watching us trying to reach his power?¬


who was that one who used to sing "God is a (or my -don't remember clearly-) 

Faithless, right?...(ohyps)...

I have an idea about the existence of God (or -g o d s-)
but i usually change(evolve?) it every journey i do in(to) a different 

But... u know what?
This /simple??/ question made think about something i once read in a 
bookstore in Williamsburg-NY-
and then wrote down

here it is (just a quote)


Around Times Square and through
the foggy streets thereunder
and above and east and west.

There are war cries in the canyon
but the vipers massed along the border
haven't left their nests.

The dancers spin
and if they're dancing for retribution,
well then brother we're in trouble
'cause as far away as the gods are these days
can't they see this stage?
As deaf as they've become
can't they hear these voices raised,
and amplified so high?

Maybe they're not watching ABC.

Maybe they are.

Maybe they're here right now
but these feeble winds
are all they can muster,
breezes that whip up the clusters
of confectionary-colored confetti
into eddies
around the mocking jigs
of the party kids,
ankle deep in candy,
falling all over themselves,
stuck on Pleasure Island.
Out of luck on Pleasaure Island.

My own footsteps and distant bottle-
rocket pops around the corner
keep me company
on the long walk home.

My eyes close and phosphenes spark
across their darkened lids,
echoing red
and white
and blue.

And tonight I'll sleep alone.


And safe.

Within my skin.

(The fin de siecle     -Andy Biscontini-      blackrabbit books 2002)




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