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Re: [microsound] SALE (Lithops, Kit Clayton, Tietchens etc.) -- email offlist

> # Kit Clayton - "Nek Purpalet" GER 12" (~scape: sc001) 1999
> [Now classic debut 12" for Clayton, and debut recording on
> Betke's (Pole) ~scape imprint.  20+ minutes; "Purpakana"
> plus 2 non-LP tracks.  NEW copy.  Out of print.]

-->Debut only on ~scape. If you want the debut, you gotta hunt down Joshua's
first EP on Cytrax, the "Negative Powers" EP" from 1997 ... there were also
a wack of Cytrax releases, Background, Parallel, Dropbeat and Delay from
98-99 as well.. check it: http://www.musork.com/o_jkc_disco.html

It's all beautiful, crazy dub granular work, some of the best, and I always
keep one or two of Joshua's 12"s in my crate. Always. For me it floods back
all the best memories of the SF scene at the time.
And also look out for "The Mimic and the Model," Joshua's 12" label that I
think only every saw one release in '98. That's fairly rare. There's also a
rare JKC 12" that pre-dates the first Cytrax, but I don't think it ever saw
public release.

best, tobias