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evol at fals.ch

i thought i'd forward this announcement of a new mp3 by evol, a project of anna and roc who run the
wonderful alku label.
when i saw them perform live at the OFFF festival in barcelona in may their set was like a
revelation for me, like being right in the here and now of computer music. 
while their live set made me think of xenakis' UPIC system playing love songs, "super punani" is
much more of a tight, speedy affair.
very pure sound, 118mb, almost 90 minutes duration. my laptop played it for me several times in the
last couple of days while i was (literally) scratching off the walls -


from: voll@xxxxxxx (mego-knecht)


NEW !!!

FB 64

fals.ch presents a new release from Evol.
the file is quite huge, it's a long track.
this is the final MP3 release by fals.ch,
we'll change format as metioned before to OGG.

  |>  |===============================
  |>  | artist: Evol
  |>  | title: super punani
  |>  | program notes: anna, roc & perkele. 2002-2003.
  .   . http://fals.ch/f4ls_02/d!_mAIx.php?z=6652
 you'll need to ask for a password to enter fals.ch
 i hope you will enjoy as much as i do
   - stephan