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Re: [microsound] reaktor 4: mac vs. pc

On Thursday, August 28, 2003, at 10:47 AM, David Goth [XaOs] wrote:

>> i think that tech questions are very relevant. most people on
>> the list who
>> make music/soundart use software as a tool/instrument. i know
>> that i like to
>> know what tools other artists are using and how they are using them.
> Methinks that the objection is more for 'religious' reasons than 
> others,
> although the potential is there that the original question was 
> something
> of a 'troll'.

Naw, I'm a Mac lover and I've seen Reaktor run way faster on a PC than 
on a Mac.  Much more stable too.  I'm sure that it's because Windows is 
the development platform and because they put more effort into making 
the code run well on the platform that is like 90%+ of the consumer 

> In other words, people get upset when arguments happen about which are
> better, macs or "pc's".

It's a dumb argument.  Use whichever you prefer.  Reaktor runs better 
on PC's.  I bet MSP runs better on Macs.  It's no picnic to write a 
cross-platform app, the developers' preference is always going to win 
when you're dealing with a specific program.

> And sometimes people bring them up under the guise of 'discussion',
> while letting them go as they usually do, as an explosive argument. All
> the while, laughing behind their keyboards.

Ataris will always kick the shit out off both Macs and PCs for MIDI.  
Discuss, zealot heathens.


Josh Davison
onShore Development, Inc.