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Sat 6th, Odeon, AK, NZ. needletalk, James Duncan and Field Audio.

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needletalk, James Duncan and Field Audio
Odeon, 3 Mt Eden Rd
Auckland, New Zealand
9.30pm Sat 6th Sept
$5 door

needletalk =93...has made a radical discovery while working at the Los=20=

Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico that enables him to create=20
more energy through sound waves than was ever thought possible.=94 - =
M. Hamilton

Mechanical engineering professor Mark Hamilton, who has followed
James Duncan's work, says, "I don't think the idea struck people that=20
you could use sound waves to do, say, pumping that could be used on a=20
commercial scale, and I think that was the innovative part of the idea=20=


"It's not an incremental improvement in an existing technology,"
Field Audio says, "it's suddenly doing something which before was=20
completely impossible."

Oliver Penny // Field Audio

digital: olly@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
web: http://fieldaudio.net