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klanghausen, tshirt, et al

list members,
- microsound hotline projects: please DO NOT email me your contributions for
a microsound project on the day its due 20 minutes before running out the
door to catch a plane/train for a holiday/business trip...
sending someone a 30 Mb email attachment - without warning - is bad
etiquette...I will not be responsible for any unsolicited files sent to me
and they will be deleted from my hard drive...thanks!

- t-shirt: if you have an idea for a microsound related t-shirt please feel
free to post a jpeg somewhere and poll the list to see if there are enough
members interested in buying one...I got a message regarding this while
logged into the server the other day but the person had disconnected before
I could answer them...

- I will be on tour for 6 weeks as of Sept 10th...anyone who wants a hotline
account must contact me BEFORE then as I do not assign accounts while on the
road...I can't always get online with my laptop while on the road and my
iBook is kept as clean as possible (no extraneous software) since I use it
for Max/MSP, writing and email while on the road...

FYI: most Internet cafe's are now barring people from getting their laptops
online due to possible viruses and terrorist info being unleashed from the
cafe's IP addresses...this makes it very difficult for conducting business
while on the road since I like to do most of my email offline and then
send/receive in batches

- I will be posting an announcement for the Droplifting project sometime
this week...I'm still putting the invitation together...