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Klanghausen upload

I just uploaded my contribution to the Klanghausen project, titled 'Rohdin'.
It can be found under the visa_tapani drop box.

I got a bit carried away when doing that piece, and forgot about the five
minute time limit, so it is 20 seconds longer than it should be. I am very
sorry about this - when I reread the project brief, it was already too late
to truncate it. I also accidentally created a 'visa_tapani drop box' -folder
under 'uploads'. I apologise for any inconvenience resulting from this

Anyway, this is not just my first contribution to a microsound.org project,
it's pretty much the first piece I've created in a 'microsound' style. All
sounds have been created from the impulse.aiff with Buzz and VST plugins.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

             .: visa tapani