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[microsound] Re: intelligence is in the ear of the beholder

>the listeners' life (meaning the whole lot) is the ultimate
>interpretation tool, the link to this so called intelligence.
>there might be many misunderstandings... but that's part of the game
>and at times makes an individual feel unique.

In some ways this relates to my adherance to a kind of "abstract 
potlatch" idea.  once freely given into the world a work (art, music, 
etc) may take on cultural significances un-intended by the maker. 
these may also change over time and mean different things to 
different eras... the  maker's intentions are but a starting point.

i think the idea of "objective beauty" (or substitute "intelligence") 
is a dangerous one. i don't think we have enough of it (intelligence) 
to speak intelligently of it.

which is perhaps most clearly evident in this post.
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