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Re: [microsound] sound-psychology-ego-zen-death

this is anecdotal but I think right on track

I also think in addition to the detail [being able to concentrate/relax attention]
there is the random and/or not predictable patterns of the work

great work, David!

chalk up another karmic ping

devslashnull wrote:

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> >"tobias c. van Veen" wrote:
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> >>  Of interest, there's a certain Prof. over at Harvard Psych who is looking at
> >>  using music -- specifically ambient and microsound -- to attempt to calm
> >  > "ADD" kids.
> A coworker of mine has an 8 year old diagnosed with "sensory
> integration" - which is something akin to ADD ( but i don't really
> know enough about it). Her teachers had suggested she play him some
> music to help him feel calmer, etc. He did not like any of the stuff
> they suggested. I gave her "Akufen- My Way", "Jan Jelinek-Loop
> Finding Jazz Records" and "Pole-2". He loved them and it reduced his
> outbursts significantly. My theory was just that these recordings
> have a lot of little details which just kept his brain occupied,
> instead of letting it wander.