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Re: [microsound] Coltrane


( 03.09.02 08:58 -0700 ) Kim Cascone:
> he and Miles Davis and a host of other jazz players have a very high
> level of musical intelligence which comes through in the
> sophistication of their 'language' (I do not mean this in the sense of
> music being a language) but in their musical phrasing and
> structures...

while coltrane is definitely a intellectual giant [steps]- the more
interesting stuff to me is the more spiritual stuff ['a love supreme',
and so on]. where all his intelligence is there, but he's really after
something more than playing the chord changes with amazing dexterity.

and what is that thing he's after? spiritual music, really playing the
music of himself in a profound way.

sun ra once said about coltrane that he did it- he got to the place of
complete integration into the greater whole; which is why he died
[because ordinary mortals cannot go there].

space is the place ...

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