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WTO seeking to expand power over music production

This September at the World Trade Organization (WTO)
meeting in Cancun, Mexico, the US Trade Representative
will attempt to expand the WTO's power over
Communications and Audiovisual Services. This includes
film, radio, television, video, and music production,
as well as media distribution services such as
satellite, cable and broadcast.

The result could spell disaster for vibrant media
systems worldwide: US regulations that favor media
diversity, localism and the public interest could be
attacked as "barriers to trade." Media ownership
limits, as well as Federal and state programs that
encourage diverse media, could be considered
outright trade violations.

Please go to www.mediareform.net/global. Sign the
petition. Pass it along to others concerned with media
or global issues. The petition will be delivered
to Congress shortly before the WTO meeting in

A massive wave of public pressure is essential to move
Congress to block Big Media's power grab at the WTO.

For more information, please go to www.mediareform.net

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