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Re: [microsound] sony

I think this is a brilliant piece of work by j.frede, just judging by the 
reaction it has already provoked.  And if he makes a little money off of it 
more power to him.

>So how do people think mcrsnd can maintain its critical edge as it
>becomes less and less marginal and emerges more and more into the
>mainstream(s)? Or is that important?

I'm not sure that it's important but perhaps the issue revolves around the 
question of the sound of the glitch vs. the process of error.  If the two 
are indistinguishable and the exploration of digital system failure doesn't 
provide any new sonic discoveries beyond a narrow pallette of "glitch", then 
the concepts of microsound may become a dead end.  Let the pop producers 
sample away.  But as long as the processes continue to be a fertile source 
of inspiration for the artists involved then the practice of microsound is 
in no danger.  Or is that argument too rooted in aesthetics?

If a glitch sample CD really threatens to ruin the "genre" then that only 
proves the poverty of the glitch.

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