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apocalyptic archetype

not referring to "end times," in the good old fashioned fire and brimstone
Christian dogma sense [though it does have meaning when some 38% of
Americans think we are there...and our country is in possession of WMD),
but in the sense of the recent book, containing the notion of personal
apocalypse or ego meltdown.  Ego, it seemed, was part of the discussion of
"intelligence" (whatever type you hear...my brother likes to joke that
intelligence is shown by wealth).

" For this purpose the qualification 'beautiful' or 'ugly' makes no sense
for sound, nor for the music that derives from it; the quantity of
intelligence carried by the sounds must be the true criterion of the
validity of a particular music."

quantity...not quality.  Check out the big brains on Brad...:)

on the droplift thing...I was never dissing it myself, just wondering how my
local store - a small one - will deal with it. Also - wondering if I would "get
it" without a proper accompanying CLEAR text.

Keith Dreizehn wrote:

> 1 - apocalypse is derived from the Greek word that best translates as
> "revelation." if you can see noises becoming musical material, then an act
> of revelation has occurred and microsound becomes apocalyptic soundtrack...
> 2 - in Christian dogma, the eschaton is imminent and the apocalypse as end
> of world is at hand. any music that is being invented in the "End Times"
> would thus be a soundtrack for the end of the world. look at the
> contemporary criticisms of any "western" music created during the last
> 1970-some years and a recurring theme appears: the critic will often say
> that the new music isn't music - it's noise. personally, i enjoy hearing
> Beethoven dismissed as "absolute dissonance" and JS Bach as "cold and
> indifferent" - it helps me realize that the bastards have always existed and
> that it takes a special sort of loser to be a critic and always miss the
> point.
> keeps me from getting angry at the idiots who've been defacing my guestbook
> at IUMA with their stupidity. i mean, how stupid do you have to be to
> misspell "fuck"?
> love, keith
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