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(apologies for X-posting)

come early...

Combat Astronomy: (r)evolutionary lush electronic noise from the depths of

Enemy of the People: it's got noise, it's got beats, it's got muscle. the 
complement to the unarmed journal.

Gentle Tasaday: these reclusive psychedelic experimentalists take a peek at 
world and give us a glimpse of theirs. featuring members of salamander,
conservative snizz, origami genetalia, and skyeklad.

Tera_Incognita: turntablism at its finest. disconcerting and disarming, but
always charming. you WILL be riveted.

Boxcutter: rambling strolls through sparse deserts to deep dense forests of
sound. guitar+ cello+ 3 laptops+ 30 stomboxes=eat your wall of sound out, 
phil spector!

**and late breaking additions...joining us from madison:

Raquel de Grimstone: the live debut of Hecate's alter ego. voices of the
pyramids channelled into fat beats and bass. her last US appearance for 
awhile, so get while the gettin's good!

Abelcain: industrialized breaknoise. fasten your seatbelt and disobey the no
smoking sign.

Psi-si: a death metal menage a trois, featuring Hecate, Abelcain, and DIRK.

...stumble home

the dinkytowner (412 1/2 14th AVENUE SE MPLS MN 55414 INFO: 612-362-0427)
thursday. sept 11
music starts at 9pm
21+ $5

Combat Astronomy www.recycleyourears.com/articles/interviews/combat.htm
Enemy of the People www.unarmedjournal.com
Gentle Tasaday http://www.cameraobscura.com.au/cam023.htm
Tera_Incognita http://www.diggz.nstemp.net/tera_incognita.htm
Boxcutter http://www.livejournal.com/users/r4c/
Raquel de Grimstone
Abelcain http://www.lowres.com/abelcain/

see you there, rockers!

~~want to know what's on my plate?~~ 

**snizz: whether it's whacking the beat or wishing for munchies, it's always 
hanging out...casual.**

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