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new on retinascan - from the realms of microsound...

various - directions in american noise 4 CD box - retinascan 26


winter carousel - letter to the entomological society of antarctica 
jon.dus - alone in here (http://www.endangeredkolectiv.net)
omnid - mirex
bill jarboe - funny_bunny 2000

this box is pretty much a product of the connections developed through 
the microsound mailing list. bill joined in after asking for an artist 
in the american west, omnid is also a worshipped member in here, jon and 
the both women of winter carousel should be. the term noise has been 
used in many different fashions, especially since the upcoming of 
digital noise and glitch as a sidekick of the "traditional" tg-esque and 
merzbow/whitehouse-like interpretation. In america, even industrial as a 
possible subgenre has been interpreted differently and out came projects 
like nine in nails or ministry, which are still very mainstream-related 
concerning the modes of composition. the directions box collects four 
artists from four directions in the US of A to give a rough oversight 
over one of the oldest conceptions of anti-music and its actual 

to be ordered here: http://www.retinascan.de