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> Is there a way to change the name of an uploaded file without actually having
> to re-upload it re-named? This seems to me (if it is what we have to do) a
> very cumbersome way round the problem.
> I ask this in light of the request to the list recently that we shorten the
> names of our uploaded tracks.
> I cant find any apparent method of doing this with Hotline, but if anybody
> knows...

no, currently users are not granted permission to change filenames...the
admins are the only ones who can do this but this being said there is a
problem with the server software that prevents the admins (that's me and
Eric) from being able to change filenames...so, the workaround is to delete
the errant file and re-upload a new version with the corrected name...

the filenaming convention is very simple and most programmers already adhere
to something similar:
- only alphanumeric chars and underbars/underscores
- keep it less than 12 chars long
- add a mp3 suffix