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Re: [microsound] [ot] The Politics of Digital Networks

Hi Phil,

Heres a few I thourouhly recommend: Critical Art Ensemble,_The Electronic
Disturbance_, Kroker & Weinstein, _Data Trash_,
Sol Yurick, _Metatron_, Manuel DeLanda (anything by).


>Hi all,
>I'm looking for texts on the the politics of digital networks. This
>might include such topics as the role of the internet in global
>capitalism, the ties between the personal computer and internet industry
>and the military-industrial complex, and so on. For the purposes of this
>research, I'm less interested in issues like freedom of speech online or
>books about hackers and whatnot, although feel free to point me to
>exceptional sources in this area (hint: I know about the EFF and I've
>already read Sterling's _Hacker Crackdown_). I'm more interested in
>links between the internet and broader power structures that exist on a
>global level. Links between computer music and digital globalization are
>especially welcome. Can anyone recommend reading (books, articles, etc.)
>of this nature? Contact me offlist if you want, or post to the list if
>you think others could benefit from your citation. Or feel free to start
>an on-list discussion of the topic. TIA.
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>lies at the crossroads of
>radicalism and technology."
>George W. Bush
>17 September 2002
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