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---- [TIRAMIZU events] - 05 -

------------------------> JASON KAHN

-- SEPTEMBER, 11   Porte d'Italie  20 h 00  TOULON - FREE


Jason Kahn has been active in the European music scene since moving =20
from Los Angeles to Berlin in 1990. He has given concerts with G=FCnter =20=

M=FCller, Dieb13, Erik M, Voice Crack, Sainkho Namtchylak, David Moss, =20=

Evan Parker, Christian Marclay, Kevin Drumm, Steve Roden, John Hudak, =20=

Kim Cascone, Greg Kelley, Bhob Rhainey...
Originally a percussionist, Kahn later began integrating live =20
electronics into his playing in the mid-90=92s, at first with hardware =20=

sampling units; later using the computer and live processing software. =20=

Kahn was twice a guest of STEIM (Studio for Electro Instrumental Music) =20=

in Amsterdam, working there on combining STEIM=92s real-time processing =20=

program LiSa with live drumming. Kahn also performs solo, using only =20
laptop, analogue synthesizer or combining these with live percussion.
Over several trips to Japan Kahn has performed with Otomo Yoshihide, =20
Sachiko M, Taku Sugimoto, Tetuzi Akiyama, Utah Kawasaki, Uchihashi =20
Kazuhisa and Koji Asano. In 1997 Kahn formed the group =93Repeat=94 with =
no-input mixing board player Toshimaru Nakamura. Repeat have toured =20
Japan and Europe several times as well as releasing four CD=92s to =20
critical acclaim.
While living in Berlin, Kahn was from 1994-99 a member of American =20
composer Arnold Dreyblatt=92s group =93The Orchestra of Excited =
Strings,=94 =20
performing in installations, multi-media pieces and concerts.
Kahn founded the CD label =93cut=94 in 1996, counting to date nine =20
releases. He has composed music for theater and dance and given =20
concerts throughout Europe, North America, Japan, Israel, Turkey, =20
Russia and Australia.
In the past several years Kahn has exhibited several sound =20
He currently lives in Z=FCrich, Switzerland


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