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[live] Paulo Raposo / Marc Behrens / Jeremy Bernstein

Paulo Raposo / Marc Behrens / Jeremy Bernstein

audio+visual performance

Saturday, September 20, 2003
co-lab festival 2003
Teatro Nacional Sao Joao, 9pm
Porto, Portugal

Marc Behrens (Germany) creates delicate and beautiful electronic music from
edited and processed field recordings made in mountain forests, building
interiors, subway trains, construction sites ... and with additional sound
material from manipulated objects; e.g. rubber balls, blocks of wood. In
concert he sometimes uses contact microphones to play parts of the
performance space or his body. CDs of Behrens work have been released on
Trente Oiseaux (D), Digital Narcis (JP), Raster-Noton (D), Edition ...
(USA), Intransitive (USA), and sirr.ecords (PT).

Paulo Raposo is a computer music composer based in Lisbon, Portugal. Raposo
puts an emphasis in the displacement of various sound sources as objects,
acoustic instruments or architectural spaces,... using custom-built softwar=
to create abstract organic soundscapes. In 2001 he founded [SIRR], a label
dedicated to promote  experimental electronic music and other media. Aside
from his solo work Paulo Raposo=A0collaborated on projects with Carlos Santos
(as Vitriol), Jason kahn, Carlos Z=EDngaro, Jeremy Bernstein, Marc Behrens or
Koji Asano among others.

Jeremy Bernstein is an artist and programmer living in New York City. In hi=
work, concrete reality is extracted from any functional context, and
carefully re-composed into assembled abstractions, composite reality. His
work proposes a noisy, nervous, pluralistic world in which distorted traces
of the familiar stray from the path of the anticipated. His sound and visua=
work has been presented throughout Europe and North America. He is a
co-author of Jitter, a multidimensional data processing environment.

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