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Re: [microsound] About japanese musicians?

yes you can have a description of this event in the website of sonore records
who is a french guy who manage a label about experimental music, especialy
japeneese music :

see his diary________________________

TOKYO, Hachioji (Japan), 18th of April 2003

Today, there is an afternoon concert of Sine Wave Orchestra at Tama Art
University (Tama Bijutsu

Daigaku or Tamabi). Tamabi is located pretty far from center Tokyo. I have to
meet my friend Egu at

3 pm, she is student at Tama so she knows the way to get there. Sive Wave
Quartet with the

collaboration of Tamabi teacher Akihiro Kubota decided to hold this
performance / installation. The

concept of Sine Wave Orchestra is that anybody can come to make sine wave
sounds with any kind of

device. More than 100 people join the event. Everyone has his own instrument
(90% of Mac G4) to

play sine waves, I join them with my 2 tape players. Amazing sensation,
commands are showed on a

screen: start your sine wave, everybody goes on 440 hertz, move around with
your sine wave, etc. We

are all making sound at the same time and moving around, checking other
people's sine wave !

Extremely stimulating experience.