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Re: [microsound] i'm a little late in the game, but

niall munnelly wrote:
> bernard parmegiani's _la creation du monde_ is really incredible stuff.
> i'd call it concrete, but i think standard practice among concrete
> composers was to catalogue the sound sources and, in most cases, leave them
> relatively intact

to catalogue?  Musique concrete is the music that uses concrete sound sources 
(such as recordings of sounds occuring in the acoustic world, that we can 
identify) as opposed to synthesized sounds.  Other than that it has been a 
standard practice to mangle and transform the sounds, often beyond 
recognition, for some decades now.

Check out some of Jonty Harrison's work.  He tends to write long pieces with 
one type of sound source.

> (concrete's more populist little brother,
> "plunderphonics", has a similar "rule".  these are two, notable instances
> to which mccluhan's infamously overused "the medium is the massage" mantra
> actually does apply).

You mean John Oswald merely catalogues sounds?

> more like this, please.

Francis Dhomont, Robert Normandeau, Yves Daoust, Dennys Smalley and many many 
many more...

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