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Re: [the_end] CD /0

it was labeled something like "ultrafish__the_end[f].wav"
or something like that.  the trcak would be credited to
"/0" but of course I cant put that in the filename cuz
computers hate /0 (insinuation of divide by zero)

www.emmrecords.com/~fux/web.php will take you to an mp3 of
the track, finished and mastered by twerk.  this should
refresh your memory.  if you didnt get the CD, please let
me know.  I would have expected it to be there by now, but
wont be checking email again until monday.

or call 989.493.3663 and we can communicate using sound.

I can probably send another ttrack too, I saw that you're
hurting for extra tracks to fill out the release.
 "the_end" was written as the last of 5 tracks made for an
album I've never gotten around to shopping around.  twerk
was to send it to mille plateaux for me to be released on
ritornell, but Im lazy and never sent all of them to him
for mastering.

yada yada yada...

anyways, stay in touch

-Joe DelCimmuto

on 9/11/03 8:14 AM, r3dshift@xxxxxxxxxxxxx at
r3dshift@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> hi al, did you get my cd?  Im kinda without net access
> a bit since Im moving, but still check email from work.
> _j
I don't think so. Who is the track credited to and what was
the title of the


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