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who is booking the microsound in New York?

allright so there it is 

I live on the west coast and usually we are more
descreet but whatever.  I am going out to New York in
late October (the 29th?) to early November (the 11th?
this is all somewhat subject to change) for a show of
my compositions at suny stoneybrook and other than
that all I have set up is a show at at party but I
would love to play a couple or even one more venue
(friendly people?  all the better).  It can be any
type of venue, loud, quiet, chairs no chairs, biker
bar, juice bar whatever.  I can play any length of
time.  I alter my set constantly but I think my music
is almost always surprising, scary or beautiful.  I
read alot too so maybe , well no it isn't really too
intellectual (at the stoneybrook show there is a piece
for rocks)

so anyway if anyone is setting up shows of a
consciously noisy post-everything experimental bent,
with, uh, the occasional glitchy idea and has,um, room
for some totally random person like me, AND WANTS TO
FUCKING ROCK or likes being bored, or both
alternately, please write me off list.

if it helps I sometimes build my own instruments or
writie my own code and have collaborated with famous
people (I'll list them if you ask but thats really
silly, eh) but it probably doesn't help, but you never
know.  in any case please listen



I can open or close, play for any length of time etc. 
any shows I can jump onto the bill for, any series I
can play at, a party even, or your cousin's

hey what about a touring database for this list where
we catalogue organizers by city, simply starting with
this list and moving concertically?

its an idea.  and would help many of us to move it on
up, you know, help ourselves.


p.s.  I think, after listening to alot of the music
talked about on this list that I make something
occasionally approximately close to it.  but it is
equally close to Black Dice or Boredoms or Avery
Tare/Panda Bear or Christian Fennesz or Wolf Eyes.  So
I am open to contextual drift, if you follow the idea.
 I'd like to

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