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Re : Echolocation calls from bats

hi bat-lovers.

on my website, http://www.kalerne.net/ i put some echolocation calls in 
the "animals" page.
they were recorded with ultrasound transducer in mountains, in 
south-east part of france this summer.

and just this month, chris cutler had broadcasted in his 'out of the 
blue' program, half an hour of bats, in my street, in the city.
during the very high temperature time, it was really crazy how loud and 
how many were the bats.
in fact, it was louder that cars passing !
but i think that theses calls which are into the human earing frequency 
range are not echolocation, but rather communication calls.

i would highly recommend the book+cd published by the label sittelle 
related to this topic : a friend of mine got this and it is full of 



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.. kalerne -> http://www.kalerne.net/