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re: Live or Digital? The Bugler's Lips Are Sealed

> It is a bugle discreetly fitted with a battery-operated conical insert that
> plays the 24 notes of taps at the flick of a switch. It is all digital, wit=
> h
> no human talent or breath required. All you do is hold it up, turn it on an=
> d
> try to look like a bugler.

Well "conical" would imply in the bell and I don't think you can blow
from there though you might get a bit of resonance?? Digital would also
imply not blown. But the article could be more clear if the device
produces a sound on it's own or causes the bugle to produce a sound

> Which Mr. Hasheider, a 61-year-old retired Air Force technical sergeant who
> says he can not play a simple scale on a real horn, managed to pull off wit=
> h
> enough panache to win a mourner's praise.

fact checking gaffe: No one can play a scale as we commonly define it on
a bugle, you know do re me fa so.... A fixed length horn can only play
notes that are harmonics of it's length. Like those horn fanfare guys in
the Roman gladiator movies usually come in 3s with different length
horns so it's not only polyphonic but together you get more of or all of
a scale depending on the octave.

...and a trevor horn is a kind of buggle

nick kent