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attn: young canadian audio/video artists...

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For Canadians (15-25) on the list...

Subject: Call for Submissions: Canadian Audio and Video Artists Ages 15-25

Body: Terminus1525.ca, The National Film Board of Canada and COCOSOL1DC1T1
invite Canadian audio and video artists ages 15-25 to participate in -40's
(Minus Forties) - a CD/DVD to be released in 2004 featuring remixed/rescored
NFB documentaries from the 1940's. Focus will be drawn to the role of
propaganda films in contributing to the Canadian national identity which
emerged during WWII and the following years. Up to 10 audio and 10 video
artists will be awarded commissions of $1,000 each to produce new
compositions which re-evaluate these ideas of nationalist ideology through
the deconstructive techniques of remix.

These artists will be asked to choose from a prepared list of relevent NFB
titles, a single documentary each to use as their source material. Audio
artists will select a 4-6 minute visual sequence from their chosen film, and
then compose an accompanying musical score by manipulating sound from the
source film and their own originally produced music (no samples from other
sources may be used). Video artists will select a 4-6 minute audio sequence
from their chosen film, and compose a visual track to accompany this audio
by manipulating only images from the source film and their own originally
produced imagery (no samples from other sources may be used).

Eligible artists are Canadians ages 15-25, and must register a studio at
terminus1525.ca (a simple and free process). To be considered, artists must
submit 2 examples of completed works which demonstrate their capacity to
produce sample-based digital compositions. This could include sound
art/audio collage, electroacoustic/electronic music, video, and/or
animation. To submit:

1) Upload work to your terminus1525.ca studio web space, and email curator
Eric Shinn (eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) with your name, age, postal address, a
description of the uploaded work to be reviewed, and a bio/cv. Acceptable
formats for upload are listed at terminus1525.ca, and may not exceed

2) Send you work by post to:

Attn: Eric Shinn
2250 Girouard, #3
Montreal, Quebec
H4A 3C3

Acceptable formats:

AUDIO: CD Audio, .mp3
VIDEO: VHS, .swf, QuickTime

All submissions must be received by Monday, October 13th, 2003. (Mailed
submissions will not be returned.) Commissions will be made shortly
thereafter, with commissioned artists expected to produce their work by
January, 2004. 

For further information please visit www.terminus1525.ca or email project
producer Eric Shinn at: eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx