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[ot] will soderberg midwest tour

shabkatu 'l-ward al-abyad 2oo3 presents

would it not be wondrous for this whole nation to be
destroyed like a beautiful flower?

will soderberg solo tour

    * 19 september 2oo3 friday 7-9pm est
      it came from next door, widr.fm 89.1, kalamazoo, mi
      -radio show http://www.widr.org/listen.html
        paste this http://wakko.cs.wmich.edu:8000 into your streaming mp3
player to listen

    * 2o september 2oo3 saturday
      destructo yard,1o31 williamson, madison, wi
      -w/garage indians, postage, dirt farmer, metrocide

    * 21 september 2oo3 sunday
      hall mall, iowa city, io
      -w/luthor the geek, friendly monster, spider monkey

    * 23 september 2oo3 tuesday
      chuck & day's secret artspace, omaha, ne
      -w/yoko sato, bryan day, l.e. methe

    * 24 september 2oo3 wednesday
      the brick, kansas city, mo
      -w/thousandaire, theshowistherainbow

    * 26 september 2oo3 friday
      lemp arts, st louis, mo
      -w/rotten piece lemp-arts.org

    * 27 september 2oo3 saturday
      woody's tavern, louisville, ky
      -kentucky eye & ear control II w/jackie-o motherfucker, burning star
core, humungous, rotten piece, dark inside the sun,   virgin eye blood
brothers, johnny corndawg, the cherry blossoms, dave cloud and the gospel
power, the belgian waffles!, mike shiflet, the utility fog, sapat, russian
tsarcasm, justin clifford rhody ; music will go from about 7pm till 4am.

    * 28 september 2oo3 sunday
      bloomington, in???
      -w/justin clifford rhody

http://www.existentialista.com/~uforika/ (mp3s)
http://white-rose.net/sounds.html (discography/real media)
http://white-rose.net/shows.shtml (recent & upcoming shows)