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midRange + resonance fm party, 26 september

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slow sound system
lie down and be counted


slow sound system plays midRange, next friday at the Foundry - we'll be dj'=
ing in our ministry of loud incarnation. expect machine beat, avant hiphop,=
 electronics and digital detritus.=20

bring earplugs. full info below.

while midRange takes over the upper floors of the Foundry, downstairs our f=
riends from Resonance FM will be holding a party for the launch of their ne=
w compilation LP, Flat Pack Antenna. 29 artists including Benge, Tennis, St=
ewart Home and Jem Finer capture the breadth and diversity of Resonance, 't=
he greatest radio station in the world' (village voice).

again, details below. hope to see y'all there.


Coombe Records & CEE present...=20

An evening of sonic clicks, machine beat, drones, electronica, avant hip ho=
p and digital detritus with special guests:=20

Bautinn (Coombe)=20
Ministry of Loud (aka slow sound system)=20
Colin Bradley (Dual / Coombe / Resonance FM)=20

plus a live decks & laptop performance by=20
Fred K.U. (Dorp / Moon Palace)=20
Images & short films by iMax, Brown Sierra & GR.=20

CEE recordings are now the official joint organisers of midRange events and=
 have invited the music, film and underground culture magazine Adverse Effe=
ct to come along and promote the new issue. There will be other interesting=
 goodies available on the night also from Adverse Effect mail order.=20

7pm, Friday 26 September 2003=20
Free entry / donations=20
The Foundry=20
84-86 Grt. Eastern St.=20
London EC2=20
nr. tube Old Street (exit 3)=20
more info=20
tel: 0207 7396900=20



Hearing Aid Records for Resonance 104.4 FM invite you to the Launch Party o=
Flat Pack Antenna. Come along on=20

Friday Sept 26th=20
to the Foundry,=20
basement gallery.=20
Location: corner of Old street and Great Eastern Street EC1.=20
7pm - 11pm.=20
All welcome.=20

Hearing Aid Records for Resonance 104.4 FM presents:=20

Various Artists: =93Flat Pack Antenna=93=20