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Correction: Austin TX Event, Saturday AUGUST 27th, Loft Series 9!!!!!

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Sorry everyone, the subject line was supposed to read August 27th, loft


bill thompson, prof lo-fi

"Have you noticed that the more you think about things the weirder they
get?" Calvin

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  Subject: RE: Austin TX Event, Saturday 19th, Loft Series 7

    Hi all,

    Apologies as always for crossposting.

    Thomfaricraw would like to invite you to our 9th installment of the Loft
Series if you are in the Austin Tx area on Saturday, August 27th. 7pm to
10pm at 1304A Robert E Lee.

    This is a very special show for us as we will be hosting our mentors
from Texas State University in San Marcos, Dr. Russell Riepe and Dr. David
Pino.  It is also the last Loft Series of the season (to pick up again in
January 2004).

    The show starts at 7pm with an installation by Brent Fariss and Bill
Thompson utilizing both dry and treated sounds drawn from the acoustic
guitar.  The installation will be played through 9 speakers surrounding the

    Fariss and Thompson will then premiere the second installment from their
upcoming cd, august/september. Both pieces explore dry and treated field
recordings, live electronics, percussion, and prepared contrabass.

    Headlining the event, Dr. Russell Riepe of Texas State University, will
premiere his new work "Cruzando la Frontera."  for clarinet (performed by
Dr. David Pino) and live electronics (Dr. Riepe.)

    If you haven't made it out to a show, this would be a good one to catch.
For more information checkout the ThomFariCraw site http://thomfaricraw.org/
or the news link at http://ecolirecords.com

    or email me directly at noise@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  We always love to have
new people out to the show.

    Take care,

    Bill Thompson, TFC

    ps. Here are some forthcoming shows for those interested:

      a.. windridge salon concert series september 25th 8pm brent fariss and
bill thompson perform as a duet using live electronics, guitar, and
contrabass. also playing are rick reed and low end lars . swimming
encouraged after the show! email for more details.

      a.. loft series 9 september 27th featuring dr. riepe and dr. pino from
southwest texas state university, as well as a joint installation and
performance by bill thompson and brent fariss. this will be the last one of
the season, so don't miss it! email for more details.

      a.. bill thompson performs october 3rd 10pm at primordial undermind's
afterparty (903 E. 43rd St.) for their upcoming cd release. he will perform
as part of a guitar ensemble consisting of the guitarists contributing to
doug fergusen's upcoming guitar duets release on distillery records.
guitarists include tom carter from charalambides, eric arn from p.u., adam
bork (earthpig), as well as doug himself and others. doug will be premiering
the piece that night. email for details.

      a.. bill thompson will be playing october 10th /11th  as part of
artificial music machine's recently launched experimental showcase. email
for details.

      a.. gates performs at ballet austin october 16th. in addition to our
regular set, we will be premiering a piece written for gates by member
travis weller. email for details.

      a.. bill thompson plays in houston at super happy funland, october
25th. email for details.