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Re: [microsound] Woodstockhausen, Sept 27

This was a preliminary list of artists, although it may have changed. 
Please keep in mind that this is just something I recieved as a 
participant, and the info, order times etc may well have changed. I 
think it is likely a good representation though:

>>SET 01
>>Sound Horizens (live)
>>     Will Grant - \"I Am a Bird\" (recorded, 3m)
>>     Peter Traub - \"Etude no. 4\" (recorded, 4m)
>>Matt Herman (live)
>>     Joseph Benzola - \"Boll Weevil\" (recorded, 7m)
>>Sylvia Pengilly (live)
>>     Later Days - \"Autotrophic Manifestations\" (recorded, 5m)
>>Luke Dahl (live)
>>     Jason Thomas - \"Argument\" (recorded, 4m)
>>     devslashnull - \"anomolous scattered photons\" (recorded, 5m)
>>twilight (live)
>>SET 02
>>Cloud Chamber (live)
>>     Falling You - \"Reading the Leaves\" (recorded, 8m)
>>Amar Chaudhary (live)
>>     Peter Traub - \"retour\" (recorded, 7m)
>>Ovo (live)
>>     Jason Thomas - \"Through the Course of Hours\" (recorded, 5m)
>>Later Days (live)
>>     Joseph Benzola - \"Mystic Dance for E. Ghent\" (recorded, 3m)
>>     Will Grant - \"Elegy for Paul Wellstone\" (recorded, 4m)
>>Shalmaneser (live)
>>     Poly Moller - \"brulee\" (live/recorded, 5m)
>>SET 03
>>Rick Walker (live)
>>     Mitch Finegold - \"This is not Happening\" (recorded, 8m)
>>Beau Casey (live)
>>     Cloud Chamber - \"Hygienetics\" (recorded, 8m)
>>Amy Neuburg (live)
>>     Will Grant - \"kangae\" (recorded, 2m)
>>     Matt Embry - \"Technical Difficulties\" (recorded, 6m)
>>Nathan Levine (live)
>>     Amar Chaudhary - \"Edge 0316\" (recorded, 7m)
>>TBA (live)

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