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Re: [microsound] Positionality and self-theorization: what's at stake?

<<<i agree "i'm an artistnot a critic " resonates with the well known=20
"stupid as a painter" If you can't, or won't, define what your work is,
then must rely on others to misreprestent it=2E>>> =20

well, that's why i brought up the question of what defines something as=20=

art instead of just an object=2E where does the moment where the piece=20
flips from being a "thing" with no life outside itself into being a "work"=
that does something more than simply exist happen? is it in your head=20
(the artist), the viewer's head, is it actually IN the object? i have no=20=

answer to this, it's a strange question to ask, but it is interesting to=20=

consider=2E i can't and won't define what my work is because it goes=20
wherever it wants to, i've produced all-acoustic folk records and i've=20
performed total noise tapestries and i've written rock songs, and i've=20
done some beat-oriented electronic things, and i've produced=20
movie-records and i've translated book-records, whatever anyone=20
makes out of all that is beside the point to me=2E at the moment of work,=20=

all that i care about is putting the work together like it wants to be put=
together=2E again, this is Pinter's quote about writing plays that i agree=
with mostly:

Q: You've also written about conflict with your characters as a writer=2E=20=

What do you mean?

Pinter: When I said that, I think I was talking about if I attempt to stop=
them, they resist it=2E I think it is not fanciful or silly to say that th=
characters do start to possess their own life=2E

Q: Are you ever tempted not to write the character the way it wants to be=20=


Pinter: No, not really=2E You do have a leash, finally, as a writer=2E You=
holding a dog=2E You let the dog run about=2E But you finally can pull him=
back=2E Finally, I'm in control=2E But the great excitement is to see what=
happens if you let the whole thing go=2E And the dog or the character=20
really runs about, bites everyone in sight, jumps up trees, falls into=20
lakes, gets wet, and you let that happen=2E That's the excitement of writi=
plays--to allow the thing to be free but still hold the final leash=2E

my point being that critical analysis is better left to others, all i'm=20=

concerned with is that the characters (sounds, transitions, timbres) are=20=

behaving as they should, that it not seem false=2E beyond that, it's=20
interesting when someone likes or dislikes it, i try to listen to why, and=
wonder if that was my fault or if it's something outside of the work that=20=

they're bringing to it that makes them dislike it=2E=2E=2Eagain, where doe=
s the=20
ART of the work take place?=20

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