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  I've had the pleasure of off-list e-mail exchange with a
  list-member who was kind enough to allow me to further
  sharing this exchange with others on the list. Peter has
  written about his experiences with hearing aids and a
  cochlear implant, and how this has brought with it a new
  relation to EMFs. Never having heard of such experiences
  I could only relate to the EMF meters that help visualize
  fields, and maybe even offer a beeping noise for strength.
  It was thought that those interested in music, sound, and
  EMFs may find interest in what follows, along with those
  who work to visualize these mostly invisible fields. Peter's
  experience may offer a glimpse into a world of sound and
  information that our bodies and minds interact with, though
  on a subconscious level with regard to the EM smog that
  fills space, those in music seemingly most aware of these
  issues such as with fans, lights, refrigerators, and other
  electrical devices being noise generators when recording.
  It would seem a database or catalog of such sounds and
  EMFs could be recorded for purposes of further research.

---> forwarded post from P.F.

	' Having a cochlear implant, I am very aware of the effects of 
electromagnetics on my
body, from the little frequency resonances of my laptop to celluar 
phone disruptions, high carry power lines.'

	'Yes, I have a collection of my old hearing aids (behind the ear) from 
past stored at my parent's house.  Not long ago, I had the opportunity 
look at them and the ones that I remember being large are actually quite
small now that I am no longer a child.  I tried to use them but, of 
my brain no longer interprets amplified sound as information.  I am too 
to wearing the cochlear system.'

	'It is fascinating to see how they have developed over the years.  I 
have taken photos of them as I do not often visit my parent's house 
in another city in another island) and sent them to you for your 
It is possible to disassemble them and show their innards.  Most of the
early ones are radio receivers and amplifiers, designed to pick up
information from a microphone worn by the speaker, for use in the 
All the later ones are microphones with amplifiers designed to sit 
the ear.'

	'I had a look around to see if I could find some links related to the
electromagnetic interferences that I experience when I come into close
proximity with the fields that surround us.  This was the only really
relevant link I could find, from the makers of my system, the ESPrit 


	'and this one is related to the "buzzing" noise that I find sometimes.'


	'The other links I found were mostly basic information explaining how 
the 22
electrode system transmits information to the brain, replacing the 
upon thousands of nerve hairs that normally do the job inside the 
I was looking for information that specifically tells us the threshold 
which I pick up information through electromagnetic inductance.  I 
find it.  However, I am composing an email to Cochlear, to ask them for
further details on this as it is something that I would like an 
for:  why do I "hear" the fields on my computer, my fridge, high carry 
cables, cellphone "check-ins" (our cellphones periodically send out 
to locate themselves with the nearest transponder, and I pick up those 
if my
outer hardware is turned on) and reception/transmission of text
messages/voice calls (similiar to the effect those have on computer 
and radios) and also CRT tubes, televisions.  Really, the list is 
Sometimes I "hear" the buzz of a field and I wonder where it is because 
can't directly perceive it.'

-- end of forwarded post

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