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[microsound] sijis show on resonance fm january 22 2004 19:00 GMT [20 mins away]

s i j i s
news desk

sijis show on resonance fm january 22 2004 19:00 GMT repeated january 29 2004 09:30 GMT
'enjoy 90 minutes in the company of sijis records. This show is 
dedicated to exploring the
magnificent world of web based labels and Mp3 download sites producing 
top notch entertainment.
we also like the words 'showcasing', 'underground' and 'talent' 

full tracklisting at http://sijis.com

go to http://www.resonancefm.com to listen online or 104.4fm in london

some new releases:

Sluggo - Phases siji06 - new album
We are delighted to present the new album from sijis recording artist 
sluggo. ?Phases? contains
two long form pieces constructed using a complex system of overloaded 
networks. Sluggo has created
software contraptions that manipulate feedback and continually alter 
the phase of sounds in an
uncontrollable way. By letting the machine create this awkward shifting 
feedback sluggo has
completed these tracks by waiting and listening until momentarily, 
events come into alignment.
These tracks are not simply harmonious outtakes of a chaotic whole, but 
an unsettling mixture of
both tranquillity and dischord.

Scott Taylor [Touch, Phonography] - Leaving Eden siji07 - new album
Scott Taylor follows on from his ?Postcard?EP. ?Leaving Eden? outlines 
a journey, both inner and
outer, from a world of innocence and purity to a world of knowing and 
hard edged experience. Over
the course of 40 minutes, through the use and manipulation of field 
recordings, particularly those
made during a Sunday afternoon mass in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris and 
in and around the old
Cathedral of Barcelona, a divide is established between country and 
city, darkness and light, the
pure and the defiled. 

both albums available now from sijis.com

forthcoming in february:

freiband - [ritornell, bottrop boy, aesova, staalplaat] - sijis_rmx 
siji08 - new ep
freiband is the latest project by Frans de Waard, founding member of 
Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen and
Goem. In his first release for sijis, freiband takes sounds from the 
sijis back catalogue to
construct this delicious 'remix', which is infact a complete piece in 
its own right. this
beautifully crafted ep has a slow beauty, full of evocative atmospheres 
and tactile surface 
noise. the world of sijis as imagined by frans de waard. a welcome 
addition to the sijis


let              the
indifference   begin

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